GB317 Business Law

Welcome to Business Law!

This course presents a practical study of Canadian business law, including the legal and administrative systems, torts, contracts, employment laws, and general legal considerations that arise for a business.  In addition, students will assess intellectual property, patent, trademark, copyright, and franchising laws and apply them to business cases.  

Online Classes: Contact North

   Each Online Course will be split into two periods.  The first period will be 2 hours of lecture.  The second period will be an assignment for you to complete on your own within a two hour period and submit via email.  These assignments will go towards your test marks.

Course Evaluation:

  • 3 Tests: 75% (25% each) Tests will be split into topic assignments that will be answered each day we have class.  This means that if you miss a class, you will miss part of the test
  • Case Study Assignment: 25%


Class Assignments

Case Study Assignment: Human Rights Case Study Assignment

     Due: Last Scheduled Class